What we do

Below are only some of the projects our company is working on::

Orbi and Alma

I.D. has a long experience in creating fun and engaging games..

For example one of our games, Outlander, is selling very well on Xbox One and Windows 10..

Our upcoming game Orbi and Alma will set the bar even higher..

Mobile games

In addition to high profile games like Orbi and Alma our company is planning to introduce many games to the Android and iOS platforms..

Our current plan is for at least two quality mobile games every month..


But publishing to third-party stores is not the only choice. We have the expertise to create our own!

Playzone will be our online game store.

It will feature dozens of fun games, all free to play!

And we are not stopping there......

To make Playzone popular we are planning to closely engage with the developer community.

e will publish games that we consider interesting at particularly competitive prices.

More than that we will actively participate in their creation by organizing game jams!


We are making the programming language of the future!

Cubelevel will completely change how we write code

It is a Virtual Reality environment where code blocks are represented by cubes

We cannot reveal more at this point. Stay tuned!


A very ambitious project that most local tech companies would rather leave to a giant


Cityware is an Augmented Reality project that will make our lives better

The ambition has to do with the fact that it involves the creation of a 3D model of the whole city of Thessaloniki!


Our company offers a number of services to businesses and individual creators